About Us

With a team with nearly 20 years of experience in SAP ,
Novaline was founded in 2014 as a subsidiary innovation company of MBIS Consulting which is a 20 years SAP Gold Partner in Turkey.

Still working on various products and SAP add-ons that will contribute to the sector by blending 20 years of experience , knowledge and ideas. Our aim is to draw a profile of an innovation company that will contribute to global technology market.

In a world where change is the only constant, at Novaline our mission is to help our clients effectively manage, use technology and information systems by our continious innovation and adaptations which is the new imperative for true competitiveness. Novaline’s innovative tools & solutions are designed to address a wide range of IT challenges and help clients maximize their IT investments for enterprise-wide systems leveraging Novaline’s strong SAP skill-set.

This model offers a holistic approach, allowing our clients to: