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How to upload a SAP Transport Request from a file

If you are using third-party ABAP tools in your SAP systems or interested to move an ABAP package from another SAP system to your existing SAP system you can use SAP Transport Request files.

In this blog I'm gonna show you how to import an SAP Transport Request from a file.

What are SAP Transport Request files ?

Let's imagine you are installing a software to your laptop like an anti-virus or gaming program.
Steps are simple : First you download installation files and then you start installer program.

For SAP it's similar, think Transport Request files as installation files and SAP Transaction STMS is the installer & importer for them.

Step 1 : Place SAP Transport Files on your SAP server

Before installing an ABAP tool on your SAP system, first you need to place Transport Request files in required locations on your SAP server. It's just like downloading installation files of a game to your computer before installing it.

There are 2 ways you can upload Transport Request files to your SAP server:
first one is manually uploading the files by using SAP transaction code CG3Z
and second one is uploading by using a simple ABAP program :

1. Uploading Manually ( CG3Z ) :

An SAP Transport Request file contains 2 files :
first one starts with "R" character and second one stars with "K" character.
First one should be placed in server folder : "/usr/sap/trans/data/"
and second one should be placed in server folder : "/usr/sap/trans/cofiles/"

To upload this files to this locations on the SAP server, first you need to understand file path format :

Directions of slashes & path format can be different according to the operating system.
Use SAP transaction AL11 to display some folders and see path format :

And then use SAP transaction CG3Z to upload these 2 files to the required locations on server,
( In my example request number was D21R902709 and D21 was the system ID of SAP system which is this files are exported from )

2. Uploading automatically via ABAP program

First download and install uploader ABAP program here

Just run the uploader ABAP program , enter Transport Request number and select the local folder which contains files on your PC as shown below :

Step 2 : Import Transport Request & Install (STMS)

Go to SAP transaction STMS on your development system and use menu path Extras -> Other Requests -> Add as shown below :

The following screen will appear as a popup as below.
Enter the Transport Request number (D21R902709 in my example) and hit enter.

Tansport Request will be added to the queue , now you can select and import it to your system.
Installation is complete , Thanks reading !

Author : Bülent Balcı - Novaline
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